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Canine Partners for Life

As you may remember, I am on the (seemingly endless) waiting-list for a service dog. The organization I am working with is called Canine Partners for Life. The only thing that makes me feel better about how long and excruciating this wait is, is knowing that I’m waiting for something great and that as I’m waiting, K9P is getting better at training and matching dogs.

Learning about this process has been such a joy. It started in August of 2015. I researched many organizations that worked with alert dogs and choose K9P because they had the best reputation, highest success rate, friendliest staff and alums and community, and a great structure to their organization.
Training dogs can be difficult and training them to do tasks for people with disabilities is an art. K9P provides and sustains professionally trained service and companion dogs by using positive reinforcement. They train their dogs to meet the specific needs of individuals and the environments in which they are living.
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